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The Waygood Foundation in June

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Dear all,

Here's what we've been up to as winter begins. Cxx

Waygood Activity Record - June 2021

It has been a quieter month for volunteer days with colder weather...nice sense of community with those who join us. Rose returned from her northern Te Araroa walk. She is planning her return to her home possibly for late July. Jeff McCauley stopped by - looked at planting by water sheds, native Puha and fruit trees we trimmed last year. He emphasised that we take care that the Tagasaste doesn't go to seed.

Mamakan, the Danish forager and artist, visited and would love to offer workshops here, perhaps beginning with a talk. She shared a lot of knowledge about culinary uses of native plants as we walked together. Over lunch she shared Karaka biscuits and pickled Mamaku frond [delicious!].

Beau visited and gave their time to the Mara Tamariki and seed sowing.

Laura and Claire joined Nancy and Vanessa for a Matakana Permaculture Winter Solstice Hui. The next day we looked at the Earthskin/Waygood Foundation website Vanessa has created and she guided us in it’s use. Laura has great skills in this area.

Laura has followed up with Katrina from Blue Borage. She is currently very busy, but would like to offer biodynamic workshops...perhaps late spring.

We are thrilled that we have a children’s garden now and it has proven very popular.

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