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Earthskin Scholarships are intentionally created to support local skills-based education and as such inspire change at a grass-roots level. By offering an education solution, to the community by the community, we collectively acquire the tools and experience required for true resilience and foster a unified confidence that collaborative hands-on learning cements.

By developing our increased cumulative ability, we drive the will to take action toward building a sustainable culture and regenerative future for us and the natural world we are a part of.

The Earthskin Circle Donations help support the attendance of Permaculture Design Courses and training workshops throughout the year and related huis, such as the annual EBANZ Conference. Your support as an Earthskin Circle donor would allow more scholarships to be awarded nurturing a new generation of change-makers.

Permaculture Scholarships

We are able to offer scholarships for the Te Moata 2 week intensive PDC in June 2022, as well as the Matakana Modular PDC course beginning in April 2022


The standard Earthskin trust scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, but you will be required to cover your accommodation and expenses, conditions apply. 

To apply for a Permaculture Scholarship please email with your contact details and a cover letter.


The Earthskin trust provides scholarship assistance for people attending the annual EBANZ conference. Accommodation and expenses are not covered. To be considered for this scholarship, please email with your contact details and a cover letter.

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