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Volunteer at Earthskin
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Join us in being part of the Alchemy of Earthskin

Earthskin Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation run by a passionate group of people. We would love you to join us - and would very much welcome your volunteer participation. Earthskin is an abundant and vital charitable trust, that supports our scholarship beneficiaries and a widening community of supporters; but we cannot do it alone!


We need skilled and passionate volunteers in the following areas:

- Designing posters

- Photographing and filming activities

- Helping with permaculture gardening work and property maintenance

- Helping with cataloguing our library of books

- Helping with cataloguing our art collection

- Helping with cataloguing and restoring appropriate / low technology equipment

- Hosting artists for a day trip to sites around the local area 

- Writing about Earthskin Charitable Trust for newspapers, blogs, websites, magazines, etc.

- Helping run our “Earthskin Sundays” - exhibitions held once a month on Sunday afternoon

- Running fundraising events and assisting with grant applications

- Helping at exhibitions, concerts, and other events.


Please email Nancy at or telephone us at 021-935333.


Many thanks.

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