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Ecological Artist Residencies

Earthskin supports a network of local and international artists, through developing local havens that provide creatives with a place to create, as well as exhibit their work. Residencies and workshops give artists a grounding space to diversify their mediums and immerse themselves fully. The artists are being nourished, internally and externally, by being fed by, and living in a closer and genuine relationship with the whenua (land), and in balance with themselves. Furthermore, immersion in permaculture ethics awakens greater environmental consciousness thereby creating awareness around ethical and eco-minded art practice.

Red Orange Light Art

We are heartened by the level of committed interest from artists, both near and far, for Earthskin Residencies. 

After careful thought we are extending our hibernation period. 

Our Piha property, Waygood Foundations is completing restoration of infrastructure and recovery from Cyclone Gabriel.

Earthskin Warkworth has works in progress on beautiful spaces to welcome future artists.

Allowing for these projects to be completed we will accept residency applications from  May 2024 for residencies beginning from February 2025.

With gratitude for the patience and understanding of our artists. 



The Waygood Foundation is a beautiful community and family-based sanctuary offering simplicity and gentle care. Nestled along the edge of sandhills and the wild open wave of this famous beach is our studio space in a permaculture garden fed by the springs of the Waitakere Ranges and surrounded by ancient bush. 


At Warkworth where Earthskin is newly housed, we are anticipating the renovation of our Community Barn that will be ready to offer Environmental Artist Residencies at the end of 2023. 

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