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We would love to invite you to join the Earthskin Family of Friends and be a part of the Alchemy of Earthskin supporting transformation and connection between the Earth and Community.


Ecological Artist Residencies:

Earthskin provides opportunities for Artist Residents to develop their work and sense of wellbeing through deepening connection with self, community, and the land, in a haven of quiet where nature is the true teacher. 


Earth Education Scholarships:

Earthskin provides annual scholarships for Permaculture Design and Regenerative Agriculture Courses to offer education that takes responsibility for restoring the future trajectory of all life. As well as EBANZ Conference Sponsorships to develop the potential of a natural building future in New Zealand.

Forest Trees


Earthskin is an abundant and vital Charitable Trust, and with your support, we will be able to strengthen the capacity Earthskin has to offer more scholarships to a wider range of beneficiaries from all ages and various projects, as well as our growing community of patrons within The Earthskin family!  You can join The Earthskin Family by offering your robust participation whether it be financially, or with your time and knowledge.


Our focus is ‘Earth Education’ - a vital component of knowing we all need to intentionally work together as a collective to take responsibility for our future and planet.  By contributing toward a partial, or full sponsorship you support beneficiaries of one of the following:

  • Earthskin Environmental Artist Residencies: (Reference: EEAR) Pledge up to $800 per recipient to cover $200 per week for the cost of the month’s residence.      


  • Earthskin Permaculture Design Course Scholarship: (Reference: PDC) The annual PDC held  costs approximately $1,600. Earthskin Partial Scholarship covers a minimum of $500 per person. Choose to partially or fully cover a beneficiary with your contribution.

Click here for more information on the upcoming PDC held at Matakana

  • EBANZ Conference Sponsorship: (Reference:  EEBANZ) Sponsor participant attendance at the annual EBANZ Hui / Conference for $500.  


  • Other Workshops, Courses, and Apprenticeships: (Reference: OTHER) In addition to the above, Earthskin offers Scholarships for other Workshops, Courses, and Apprenticeships that align with our core ethics. Pledge your support for any amount.


We enthusiastically welcome spontaneous supporters into our midst and deeply thank you for your one-time donation of any amount! Any donation above $150 automatically qualifies you for a year’s membership to The Earthskin Family. Click here for our Donations Form.



Become an important part of The Earthsin Family with an annual membership of $150 which includes the following benefits: 

  • EBANZ online magazine.

  • Koanga Institute’s beautiful annual garden calendar of what to grow and when to plant, as well as an annual mixed package of heritage seeds!

  • Member tours of Earthskin Warkworth / The Waygood Foundation Piha with morning/afternoon tea provided (please book in advance).

  • Meet the resident artists at “Earthskin Sundays” upon completion of the Ecological Artist Residency and attend their exhibitions.

  • Member’s newsletter twice a year.

  • Invitation to our Annual Earthskin Jazz in the Garden Art Exhibition at Earthskin Warkworth to raise fun! 


New Growth


The Earthskin Trust is a registered charity and donations are tax-deductible.

Payments and donations can be made by either a Monthly Automatic Payment or a one-time Direct Debit.

Payments can be made to the following bank account:

Earthskin Trust – ANZ account 06-0193-0725998-01

Please put your name, and the words “donation” or “membership” and the year as the reference. If you are pledging to sponsor a course participant, please include the pledge reference.


Nancy King, membership 2021 | Nancy King, donation 2022, PDC


Thank you so much!

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